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The Institute of Revenues, Rating & Valuation has an extremely active Association in Scotland and on our website you will find full details of our recent activities. For more information, contactscotland@irrv.org.uk or phone 01382 456029.

2016 Scottish Conference

The Institute is delighted to announce details of its 2016 Scottish Conference. The Conference is – by popular demand – returning to the Crieff Hydro Hotel, where conference attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy the excellent recreational facilities set in beautiful surroundings.

The theme of this year’s Conference – “Scotland the Brave? Continuing improvement in challenging times” – comes at an important time for Scotland and will look in-depth at the key issues facing the public services, with particular emphasis on valuation, benefits and revenues issues. With a newly- elected Scottish Government, there are many issues affecting revenues, valuation, benefits and welfare reform ahead and the IRRV Scottish Conference will again live up to its long-standing reputation of being at the forefront of debating key issues and solutions.

In addition to delivering key updates on these big issues and encouraging debate about them, conference will also examine the improved delivery of Scottish public services in a time of financial challenge and will examine how to provide quality services, with an emphasis on continuing improvement into the future.


This year’s Scottish Conference and Exhibition sees the key issues facing public services and our professions being fully explored. Conference sessions include:

  • Ministerial Address: Minister for Local Government and Community Empowerment (invitation)
  • Council Tax Reform – how best to deliver?
  • Reforming business rates in Scotland
  • Scotland’s Fiscal Framework
  • Revenue Scotland: A progress report on Scotland’s taxation powers
  • New welfare powers – opportunity for Scotland?
  • Progress with Water Direct – a case study report
  • Universal Credit roll-out – a progress report
  • FERIS 2 and RTI – progress to date and challenges ahead
  • Successful models for tackling corporate fraud
  • Doing more with less: challenges for the public sector
  • Digital Transformation – protect the vulnerable
  • Housing Benefit Overpayments – a ticking time bomb?
  • Recovering revenue : challenges for the 21st century
  • Modernising service delivery in practice – local authority case study
  • Motivating the team

This year sees the largest ever number of sessions for valuation professionals, including :

  • Revaluation 2017 – key issues and outcomes
  • Unit of Valuation – Consideration of a Supreme
  • Court view in the real world
  • Valuation of sporting estates
  • The political economy of property tax reform
  • The valuation of natural resources
  • The Electronic Age - getting the value right
  • Valuation of Parliament Buildings in the UK
  • Valuation of visitor attractions
  • World Economies
  • Rating Reliefs and exemptions 


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IRRV Revenues & Benefits Certificate and Diploma Qualifications 2016-17

We are delighted to advise Scottish local authorities about arrangements for provision of the  Diploma & Certificate qualifications in Scotland, provided by the Institute of Revenues, Rating & Valuation.

As you may be aware, IRRV provides a Certificate qualification course aimed at staff in Revenues and Benefits administration in Scottish local authorities.   It is also very relevant to other staff – for example Housing Association staff wishing to build an in-depth knowledge of Housing Benefit, or recovery agents’ staff wishing to build an in-depth knowledge of Council Tax and NDR.

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Scottish NDR Conference 2016

Leapark Hotel, Grangemouth

Friday 24th June 2016

IRRV in Scotland is pleased to advise of details of this important event for all Non Domestic Rates and other Revenues practitioners in Scotland, taking place in Grangemouth on Friday 24th June 2016.

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Scottish AGM 2016

Over 100 attended the IRRV Scottish Association 2016 on Friday 4th March 2016 at the Falkirk Council Chambers, kindly sponsored by Alex M Adamson LLP.   

Some photographs from the event and downloads of speaker slides are now available :

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IRRV Annual Scottish Conference & Exhibition 2016

The Crieff Hydro Hotel 

7th - 8th September 2016

Scotland the Brave
Continuing Improvement in difficult times