Subsidy 2016 : What you need to know

Wednesday 9th March

2016 Leapark Hotel, Grangemouth



This workshop has been planned to give participants a thorough grounding in benefit subsidy rules, including specific benefit training for benefits staff who process claims or manage processing teams, with the course also being highly relevant for staff who have to complete subsidy claims.

This workshop will give attendees necessary knowledge and confidence in a complex area and will help ensure the submission of high-quality and accurate subsidy claims.

Led by leading Scottish practitioner Les Robertson, the workshop will be of great interest to :

  • Benefits Managers and other senior benefits staff, including Team Leaders
  • Members of Housing Benefit & Council Tax Reduction Teams, including assessment staff and staff assisting customers
  • Audit staff with responsibility for auditing the Benefits function
  •  Other finance and housing department staff with an interest in current issues in Housing Benefit & Council Tax Reduction

This seminar will be of considerable benefit for the target audiences and there is also a free places offer.


To provide detailed training on the subsidy regime currently operating for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction.

The course will look at best practice to ensure proper completion of the subsidy claim and maximisation of the subsidy claimed.

The course will also look at the proposed changes especially in the Supported/Exempt/Temporary accommodation area.

Content Introductions

Part One – The Subsidy claim

The claiming process
The subsidy rules
In-depth look at incentive areas

Part Two - Is your claim correct?

Processes to ensure accurate claims
Audit and HB Count

Part Three – Exempt/Supported/Temporary Accommodation

Understanding what is Exempt Accommodation and types of tenancies that cannot be included.
The rules and implications
Review, Questions and Close


The Course will be facilitated by Les Robertson IRRV, who is the immediate past Institute Scottish Association President and Education Liaison Officer for Scotland.

Les is a respected Revenues and Benefit practitioner with over 20 years of experience in these fields.

Les is a current tutor for both Benefits Technician and Revenues Technician courses run by the IRRV, as well as being a Distance Learning Tutor and Examiner. 



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