Scottish AGM 2014
Thursday 6th March 2014

There was a large attendance at the IRRV Scottish Association 2014 AGM at Falkirk Council Chambers on Thursday 27th February 2014.    The AGM was kindly sponsored by Alex M Adamson, Sheriff Officers.

There were presentations on:

* The Welfare Reform Agenda – update on latest developments - Peter Meehan, COSLA representative on the DWP Steering Group and Rhona McGrath, Welfare Reform Programme Manager, Renfrewshire Council.

  Peter gave an overview of welfare reform but also covered some really significant new issues:

- The pre-1996  'loophole including what evidence is required to establish 'on the balance of probability' that a claim has been in place, unbroken, since before that year and, if additional HB is awarded retrospectively, are associated DHP awards recoverable.

- The UT Tribunal decision, CH 0140 2013, which appears to define when a room is and isn't bedroom for HB purposes. With the annual reassessment of HB awards just around the corner it opens up the possibility of a deluge of appeals.

Rhona spoke about a council tenant assistance fund to remove debt from tenants falling into arrears as a result of the bedroom tax/HB under-occupation rules.

* Revenues Presentation on collection and recovery issues (from Kevin Mackay of Alex M Adamson, Sheriff Officers).    This  concentrated on the challenges of revenues collection given the economic climate in recent years.

* Debt recovery practices for water and sewerage charges – report outcomes (Nelly Maublank and Gail Walker, Consumer Futures).

You can download presentations below.

There was also a presentation to successful Scottish students in the IRRV December 2013 examinations and also to Joy Mackenzie and Bob Mackay, who both retired from the IRRV Scottish Association Executive after many years of service to the Institute and the wider profession.    

The IRRV Scottish Association Executive was elected and Les Robertson re-elected as Association President for a second year.


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